Thursday, November 15, 2007

Actual $ Figures on my blog strategy

(originally posted on October 14th, 2007)

what makes a blog successful: impact and readership

My personal goals as an blogging artist: meld my artwork into my mainstream interests. Recently I have felt the need to respond to a number of issues going on in the world right now. I enjoy the process of researching an interesting topic and turning it into an important blog post. I intend to use this blog as a platform for some very exciting upcoming art projects.

I want to make sure this blog is worth my time, i judge this by: a mixture of exposure and monetary funds. Keep in mind I started my blog October 5th 2007, meaning
I have not been around for very long, and all of my statistics below are hypothetically the baby steps leading to bigger and better things eventually.

current strategies for exposure:

This site is simply to give a feed to my blog, allowing for the easy search of my blog content. Hopefully, this will generate a number of interested readers to me blog.
Blog catalog allows me to post my blogs one by one for exposure. Although i have not had much success leading readers my way from this website. It may take a while to get in the door.
I prefer posting my blogs on digg. Digg posts usually generate a decent amount of views. Digg is also a good resource for blog material as well. If you have a digg account please add me.

Blog Rush
A new blog tool to help expose blog entries to other potential readers. You will see the blog rush window on the right sidebar displaying five other blogs. I hope this generates some click to my blog, if it does not pan out then I will abandon this tool and provide more sidebar space for other things.

current strategies for monetary funds:

Google Adsense
On my blog, as you can see, I list advertisement by content, and also by search at the bottom. Once my site gets a good amount of foot traffic, hopefully, i should generate a few dollars a month. Current funds: 0.06 cents

The Newsroom
Voxant Newsroom allows me to post specific news videos to embed on my page. I also make a few cents per view. The thing I like about newsroom is the fact that I can specifically choose news videos that I find important or worthwhile on my blog. Current funds: 0.07 cents
The site, Vume (pronounced 'view me') is a photobucket style site, that allows upload and storage of pictures, audio or video. The cool thing about this site, is that it pays you $3 per 1000 views. I use this site to host my blog pictures and since the start of my blog I have made almost 2 dollars. Current funds: 1.79 cents

Total funds (10 days): $1.92 ($70.08 per year)

Side ventures (unrelated to blog):

For fun. is a invite only chain letter syle free money game site. You start with one penny (which regenerates anytime your balance hits zero) and then play one of three simple games against another live moola player, the winner doubles his money. Hypothetically you could win 30 consecutive games and win over 10 million dollars. Moola makes its money by forcing you to watch an ad before every short game. The site offers a good free spin program, big money boosters, and a referral program. If have a few invites left to give out if you are interested in checking out the site and winning some free money here. Current funds: 0.82 cents ($81.00 pending from boosters)

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