Friday, August 22, 2008

New Review Feature at Pay Per Post

PayPerPost is proud to introduce the new Review My Post program!

Two months ago I earned $20 writing one post at Pay Per Post. It was easy, and fun. However, since then I've been on the road and unable to do much more than reject open oppertunities. Today, I wrote my second PayPerPost, and hope to make another 5 dollars. Upon browsing the PayPerPost site I saw a new feature which gives me the option to add this button:

To all of my posts. Each time a reader like yourself clicks on it and signs up with PayPerPost I make some decent money ($7.50 each). This is a baffling sum, although I am interested to see how many people really jump on board and sign up with PayPerPost. Although, I do think PayPerPost is pretty excited, especially if you do not mind finding creative ways to write blogs for products you would not normally blog ago. If this was a perfect world we could all blog about the things we love and get paid for it, however, more often than not you will end up blogging or having the oppertunity to blog about shopping websites, debt companies or weight loss programs. The good thing is, that if you enjoy these things you can make 5-20 dollars per blog post about them. This is a very decent pay out. I am only doing pay per post on my art blog, and therefore i only find a few topics per month that are even remotely related to art. I also do not want to steer my readers away from the art content I really enjoy. Feel free to visit my art blog and try to pick out which of my last few blogs was the paid blog (its not very hard to guess).

If you have a blog and want to earn more money with it, definately give PayPerPost a try, and while your at it, sign up through the link below and make me and yourself some extra money.

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