Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Problems logging into feedburner

Am i the only one having problems logging into feedburner? I spent a month trying to figure out what was wrong. My password never matched, and I had to continuously reset my password over and over. Then all of a sudden.... it logged on.

This was great, because all of my blogs use feedburner for their RSS feeds. I have never been able to get in and manage my blogs, with the log in problems, so I never had the chance to really give any feedback on my opinions of feedburner.

After a few days of playing around, now that I can get in, I love feedburner. I would suggest it to any blogger, and with the e-mail subscription option, which I just enabled on my art blog and my immortality blog, its like having a newsletter service....for free! I have been spending hours researching newsletter services, trying to pick out the best ones for my art website. Newsletter services tend to be quite expensive (a yearly fee), difficult to set up, and often hard to regulate. By simply turning my blog into an e-mail subscription people can easily subscribe and all the work is already done for me.

Feedburner also lets you manage your subscriptions and easily change other settings to determine when your updates are e-mailed, how often, and in what form. Feedburner is chalked full of a number of other great additions to any blog. It is truly exciting. Now I just have to get my readers to sign up.

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