Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blogging for cash

Twitter is clever.
Blogging can get old.
Making money from my words.
A dream too many have.

When words have over crowded
an internet of no attention spans
so posts turn into poems

making money with blogging
is a fade
that never even existed
like pogs
or slinky dancers

google still pays me
once a year
for old ads on old pages

sadly my blog has no friends
no one clicks on the ads
and the posts are few and far between

never topical
only recycled.


Sherrie Janz said...

This was fun to read, hope things get better.

Sherrie Janz said...

I've been checking out your site and have found some very helpful tips and tricks of the trade. Today is my first day at it and would love you to check out my new site. I'll be checking yours out regularly.
thanks it's been fun

nothingprofound said...

I think the dream of becoming a billionaire from blogging is a pretty fruitless one. But I suppose people are entitled to their dreams.

The Time and Tell said...

You Know, reading this was like poetry. And i agree that money shouldnt actually be incountered to blogs, but hey.. reach for the star's! I like your page, and hope to see more!

Jim Bauer said...

Here's to a better 2010? Maybe there's still hope. :)

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