Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best free online MMO CCG!

Urban Rivals is the best free massive multi player online (MMO) collectible card game (CCG) I have ever found. Plus, you do not need to download anything to play! You can play from work, from school, from a friends house, all you need is the internet!

Years after I found Urban Rivals, I still play when I find time. I have collected 90% of the cards, which are hilarious by the way, and I still enjoying playing the players. The game is a great mix of strategy and skill, sometimes there is even a little luck thrown in.

It is free to play. You can spend money to buy extra packs, but I only spent a few bucks when I started and have managed to build the rest of my collection by getting my friends to join.

You can use this link to register quickly:
It will automatically make me you sponsor and I'll help you progress

In fact, anyone that registers a new account and sends me an e-mail I will send you a free rare card! Just send me a message once you've joined.

You can check my profile here:

Click here if you want to look at the characters:

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