Sunday, August 15, 2010

20 point lava axe

It's the 12th turn of an magic online M11 swiss draft. My opponent has just knocked me down to 8 life, and I had to chump with two guys to survive. All I have is both my fire servants. Next turn he will threaten to alpha strike (aka kill me) with a cloud crusader, garruk's packleader, spined wurm (i had just killed one last turn), and an air servant.

Having only two fire servants on the field, I play lava axe for 20 damage. It was the only damage I dealt in the game, and was enough for the game win (and match win). My opponent was sure damage doesnt stack twice, and went to complain. Either way, I win and move on. Apparently the lava axe damage does double, twice. It would make sense if the lava axe did its normal 5, and then an extra 5 (double the lava axe amount) for each fire servant.

I just thought it was too great not to post about. A 20 point lava axe for the win.

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