Monday, October 29, 2012

Urban Rival- Best MMO Online Free Card Game with No Downloads

You do not need to spend a dime, and you dont need a credit card to ride this train. Urban Rivals is an amazingly fun, challenging and addicting massive multi-player collectible card game......and its completely free to play! Yes, it is a free collectible card game, massive multi player game, with no downloads!

Easy to Join
Its easy to join Urban Rivals and you can get started within the next half hour and be battling other new players right away. You get a free pack of cards and you can build decks right from the start. When you battle, your cards gain experience and can level up (or evolve) into more powerful cards.

No Downloads
When I was looking for awesome games to play, I hated games that looked and sounded cool, but then took hours to download and then took hours to erase from my computer after I realized the game wasn't even fun. Urban Rivals is the best free massive multi player online (MMO) collectible card game (CCG) I have ever found. Plus, you do not need to download anything to play! You can play from work, from school, from a friends house, all you need is the internet to jump into your account! The entire game is played in flash.

The way the game is set up, there is a lot of skill involved in the game. It is always fun to beat a player who is a much higher level than you, and make them feel shame. You get to pick your deck, and during the game you assign power pills to each character which is hidden from your opponent. Those pills multiply the characters attack damage and can win or lose you the game.

Pay if you want
It is free to play. You can spend money to buy extra packs, however I spent months playing on the free account and leveling up my guys and selling them in the shop. It was great. Eventually I spent 5 dollars to buy a few extra packs and with those cards I managed to trade and play my way up to a huge collection of cards.

Earning Packs
If you are like me, and want to play online games that are FREE, but also really fun, then urban rivals is for you. The other neat thing is that you can earn credits to buy packs simply by playing in free tournaments. These tournaments happen every two hours! You can join a ton of tournaments every day and earn packs of new cards for doing it. It is really fun.

Friends Friends Cards
Don't also forget about the sponsor program, because if you sign up with my link here , then you can get your friends to sign up under you and then you earn credits from them. It's another great way to earn free cards, plus then you can play with your friends.

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