Monday, April 29, 2013

The Best Artist Interviews on the Internet

Bearded Bunny Blog Artist Interviews

Comprehensive, in-depth interviews with artists all around the world, by a fellow artist. These artist to artist interviews delve into the visual art of accomplished, experimental, controversial and inventive artists who are currently living. The free online interviews are jam packed with information about:

Why do artists make art?

What materials do artists use?

How do artists make money?

Who inspires each artist?

You can read interviews from Karneeleus, Kenny Cole, Bridget McAlonan, and many more at the Bearded Bunny Blog:

A lot of people want to understand how someone can make money while following their passion. Creating art and learning how artists can make a living (and most artists cannot in this day and age). The best visual artists interview with unique artists.

It is always great to read about visual artists and the Bearded Bunny Blog has all kinds of great resources and interviews monthly to browse through. I highly suggest checking it out and reading through all the questions and answers.

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