Tuesday, March 25, 2014

$745 Blogging Online

It is against the agreement with the company I use to make this money, but I wanted to report earning with my blogging ventures. I will report that I use different products on different blogs (6 in total) and I have been earning slowly over the last three months to equal quarter earnings of $745 for 2014. It has been a long road of exploration and hard work to get all of the blogs firing on all levels and making me some money.

In the end, I am happy to say that this was my biggest earnings over a three month period and different blogs earned different amounts (which i cannot disclose). I have now been blogging for nearly 8 years and started with one blog. It spawned into 6 and now finally it is paying off.

My best advice for new bloggers are these:

Blog about things you love
Tips & Tricks
Experiment with forms, content, and products

I wish you luck with your blogs, and please post your earnings below! I would love to know how I stack up.

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