Friday, November 16, 2007

Actual Dollar Figures: Blogging Day 30

(originally posted November 4th, 2007)

Zombie Robot Frosting (the blog) started on October 5th, 2007. This is my 30 day review of my monetary numbers. Trying to give a good account of starting a new blog in the current over saturated blog market. I critique whether my strategies are working or not.

Note: All of my statistics below are hypothetically the baby steps leading to bigger and better things eventually.

new strategies: (less than one week)

WidgetBucks See my post a few days ago. In which I review this source of revenue. I am slightly nervous about this product, since it is very new and offers $25 free dollars to anyone that signs up. Besides my nervousness in the widget, i am a big fan of the green products that appear on my page since I do support green products awarness. You can find the widget at the very bottom of my page. Click on the products for more info.
Current Funds: 1.87 cents

Auction Ads This ad program is a temporary trial. You can see the auctions on the right side of my page. I am betting that this product will not be beneficial. It also offer $25 to simply sign up, however you make zero money per click, and only make any additional revenue when someone buys a product seen on my page. Which seems like a very rare possibility. I will give Auction Ad a 30 day trial on my blog and likely remove it.
Current Funds: 0.00 cents

current strategies for monetary funds:

Google Adsense finally creeping to 15 cents. It has been a struggle with google adsense for me. I do not really see the value, since I am only making approximatley one cent per day. This is a very typical strategy for blogs to gain some money, it has not been very successful for my blog.
Current funds: 0.15 cents

The Newsroom Voxant Newsroom allows me to post specific news videos to embed on my page. The thing I like about newsroom is the fact that I can specifically choose news videos that I find important or worthwhile on my blog. Currently this is my favorite and best source of income for the blog.
Current funds: 3.52 cents The site, Vume (pronounced 'view me') is a photobucket style site, that allows upload and storage of pictures, audio or video. The cool thing about this site, is that it pays you $3 per 1000 views. I use this site to host my blog pictures and since the start of my blog I have made almost 2 dollars.
Current funds: 3.01 cents
Total funds (20 days): $8.55 ($ 102.96 per year)

Note: My funds, even with the additional new strategies, is staying right around $100 per year average. This average is up a few dollars from ten days ago. See past blog strategy posts to see how my dollar figures have changed.

I am trying a few other strategies and will be continuing to show my blogs financial progress.

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