Monday, November 19, 2007

Adbrite Vs Adsense

Website Advertising
If you are online reading this post right now, you directly or indirectly have seen tons of online advertising. Ads embedding into text, content specific ads on the right sidebar, bottom of the page. Pop- up ads floating around, animated banners at the top of your page beckoning you to win a free ringtone. The world of online advertising is a multi million dollar industry.

Google Adsense
The most popular and accessable advertising product for casual or serious bloggers is the infamous google adsense. Popular blogs can make thousands of dollars a month with google adsense. Granted, most low traffic blogs will only generate a few pennies (similar to my blog). Some have considered Adsense to have cornered the market when it comes to online advertising. However...

In the door comes another advertising product called Adbrite. Adbrite works almost identicle to Adsense, as it allows you to post code onto your blog or website which will feature content specific ads based on your website's subject matter. Both sites give you the option to craft the ads that will be placed on your site, gives you a page counter, and displays your earnings up to the hour.

The Difference
Obviously, Google's adsense is the more credible of the two products. However, Adbrite brings to the table a few features that sets it apart from google. One feature includes detailed listings of each ad, how much the ad is worth, and whether or not you want to block the ad from your page. It will literally list every ad that could appear on your page. You can even set your setting so that no ad appears on your page without approval. This can be advantageous for a couple reasons:
1. it can allow you to have the most relevant ads on your page, therefore becoming most likely to be clicked.
2. it can allow you to reject any low paying ad, and therefore allow only higher revenue ads. Maximizing your profits.

The Battle
The battle begins. I am now running adbrite here on my new blog, Blog Blog Cherry. On my other blog, Zombie Robot Frosting, started in October, I am running Google Adsense. I will compare the results, page impressions, earnings, revenue, and the features that allow me to maximize my results. Every month I will compare the results and let people know which of the two advertising programs I recommend for your blog.

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