Monday, March 24, 2008

Stop Trying to Beat Me!

This is the beginning of my "stop trying to beat me" blog experiment. My goal is to leave 20 comments on high ranking blogs that are related to my own blog (blogging tips, make money blogging, etc). I am going to find a post in which my phrase "Stop trying to beat me" will make some sense, and then post a link to my own blog. I will write another line or two to make sure my phrase fits in with the comment, and then watch to see if I gain new visitors from this action.

The goal is to bring new visitors to my site, and to effectively rate how much traffic I can get from leaving comments on much higher traffic sites than mine.

Each week (Monday) I will grade the effectiveness of my 20 comment posts and leave 20 new ones. I will give my % increase from the previous week to determine if Stop Trying to Beat Me is working.

I may explore this same concept in future weeks by posting on message boards related to my topic, changing my phrase, and chat room strategies. Simply to see which method is the most effective.

Anyone starting a brand new blog should read my tips on getting started.

To see other blog experiments I have done check out my Loose Change Vs Google Adsense post. I also wrote a long blog detailing every blog traffic tool & strategy I use.

*Just a quick update to my project. Most high traffic sites moderate all of their comments to reject spam and this sort of thing. Which is a good thing. Even though I try to make sure my posts are relevant, my vague "stop trying to beat me" comment and link may throw up some red flags. I do hope a few of these comments get some air, and lead a few people to my blog.*

Is this a cheap blog tactic?


John said...

Cheap or not it worked. I saw your post at ProBlogger and had to come check out who was trying to beat you.

Where Life Safety Experts Make A Difference.

F 101 said...

I think most people would moderate your comment as spam. All you said on my blog was, "Wow. Stop trying to beat me." And that was a link to yours. It had nothing to do with the post topic, and looked mainly like you're just trying to get links. And you know if you get marked as spam too many times, your comments will automatically start going in the spam filter. Just a warning! Good luck. :)


Grizzly Brears said...

As one of the sites you tried this on - I rejected your comment as it is nothing more than spam. I've read your reasoning here and this isn't the sort of thing that will go over well with most of us. Good luck but you might try adding some value to your comments.

williamhessian said...

I do need to be cafeful of getting picked up by the spam filter. I do think the vagueness of the post creates a very high return rate.

If, for instance, I had listed each blog post I had done this on, thus trading them links, more posts may have been accepted instead of denied.

Maybe that will be my new strategy. Along with making sure my comment is moreso relevant to the topic.

williamhessian said...

i do hate this traffic zap though, i am going to kill it mid-week.

Ukion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ukion said...

Interesting idea. I read your comment on my blog and I visit you. Its working for sure. But you are little ruff with your comment. You must admit that :).

Best regards

Vinh Le said...

Oh, so thats what the comment was about. I was thinking to myself "What is going on here? Should I delete it for linking to another blog for no reason?"

Its only ok to link in a comment to another site if it is relevant to the post and would be useful to people who read that post. I won't remove your comment, because you said you like my logo a lot. ^^

So how much traffic did you get from me?

williamhessian said...


i do really like your logo. and your blog had the best results in the "stop trying to beat me" results so far, but it was only about 15 people coming to my site through your comments.

The other blogs all resulted in 5-10 hits per post.

It will be interesting to continue to watch these numbers.

Ray said...

Hey, why don't you all stop trying to beat ME?

Ray said...

If you think you can beat me, meet me at the art studio!

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