Thursday, March 27, 2008

Traffic Zap Exchange is crap!

You come visit my site, and a window pops up in the background, supposedly giving me credits and popping up on other trafficzap exchange websites. I saw another blog boasting the booming success they've had with Traffic Zap......hahah.....yeah right.

I am leaving the code on my page, simply so people can see how damn annoying it is, until this post gets buried and then I am removing it.

Traffic Zap sucks.

First of all, I hate even visiting my own blog when a new annoying window continually pops up and tries to sell me something (which is supposed to be forbidden at Traffic Zap). Plus, my credits in the 5 days I've had the code on my page has earned my a whopping 32 hits. I'm not pumping my fist in excitement over 32 hits.

I had recently written about how incredible entrecard had effected my traffic. Although, that surge has slowed down considerably, and I even wrote about how tired i was of entrecard. I do have to say that overall entrecard is still a very positive force for all three of my blogs. It draws in a consistent amount of traffic, and most of my comments come from entrecard users and by far a much better tool than Traffic Zap.

I wouldn't stop anyone from trying Traffic Zap if they want (click the tiny banner at the bottom of my page if interested) since it gives me free credits. But I'd be willing to bet, that unless you have a proxy blog with no content, you will be ripping that code off your blog in less than a week.

Traffic Zap joins the pile of ineffective blog traffic products. It joins Adroll, blogrush, and a few others than simply dont live up to the expectations of a traffic increasing products.

I suggest spending your time making free money playing games, or using traffic products that actually work.

Sorry for the annoying traffic zap pop ups that will continue until this post is buried!


Lyon said...

LoL! Nothing can beat Entrecard! Entrecard rocks

PS: Why don't you allow non-Google Blogger to comment as well?

williamhessian said...

actually, thats one big blogspot flaw. is the comment system.

is there a way to make comments accessible to everyone?

if anyone knows please help me out.

Iris said...

Hi! Williamhessian,

Go to your Dashboard, click settings then comments then you will get an option of who can comment on your blog, you can click anyone.

I hope this helps you.

I love Entrecard and i get people comment on my blog and i discover great bloggers like yours. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Mia Blog4me said...

interesting yeah.

williamhessian said...

iris, thanks so much. I didnt realize there was a setting for the comments like that. i am annoyed that i didnt find that myself.

now anyone can comment!


Vinh Le said...

I never liked how the comments pop up in a different window on blogger. But that is just me.

Yeah, I will confirm that the traffic zap thing is pretty annoying.

I have only used entrecard for 2 weeks or so, but I am not so sure about it yet. I will try it for 2 months before I make any final decision though.

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