Saturday, January 5, 2008

free 80 dollar check

Moola's 80 dollar check allows anyone to win cash online by playing games in the web's largest free tournament. Free. I started a month ago with one penny and slowly by playing mini games, and using the free roll search booster (which gives you free money when you use their search) I have earned now over ninety dollars (exactly 90 dollars cashed so far).


There is a referral program which allows anyone else interested in playing to sign up through my link here. Although, I have 21 referrals and have only made 0.08cents so far. Feel free to join through my referral and give it a try. I especially encourage you to join and at least check out the forums and hear how people are making their money. There is some fool proof strategies to earning a little income each month with only a small time investment.

How to make your own FREE money

Some dedicated MOOLAgans can spend hours playing mini games and making up to one thousand dollars a month consistently. I do not have the time nor the patience, I actually do not play any games anymore. My strategy deals with logging in about 8-10 times a week to spin the free search wheel (i make approximately $4.50 per month this way). I then also check the booster bar money back features which is how I made the entire 80 dollars. It was the $80 cash back Duplicate Poker site. I earned 10 dollars on that site playing cash games and cashed out ahead another 15 dollars. I am currently waiting on another booster for World Winner in the amount of 23 dollars.

Free Penny

Starting with one free penny, I am now up to over 90 dollars. Not a bad cash out for a free money website. Give it a try!

Also see my blogs about my first 10 buck Moola check, Duplicate Poker and Adbrite Vs Adsense

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