Saturday, June 28, 2008

John Chow is advertising on my blog!

Yup. John Chow the famous blogger purcahsed an entrecard add slot from me here at blog blog cherry. I can never afford to advertise on his mega popular blog, and actually I've never read his blog, but I know a lot of people do.

John Chow is basically famous for making lots of money blogging. It is kind of cool to see his advertisement on my blog, which you will see if you return to my blog in two days.

While I have never read his blogs, I HAVE read many blog about him, and about people wanting to be him, and talking about him like he is royalty, or else jealously wishing he was injured in a car accident. I really have no feelings either way.

I do think a majority of his success comes from his two syllable name....John Chow. It is simply too fun to say, and therefore automatically going to be popular. At least that's my two second theory.

My current blogging efforts are coming up a bit lacking this month, which might have to do with all the other dancing rabbits that are going on in the rest of my life. Closing my airbrushing shop, leaving for my 5 week art tour (which i am on right now), and working on my other three blogs. It is all resulting in a 25% decease in blogging profits this month. Sad.

Meanwhile... I have new bearded bunnies to sell you....only 5 dollars....and they come in a frame!

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