Wednesday, July 2, 2008

anyone can make $39.30 blogging part time

Blogging for money....does it really work? I blog part time, and this month I have broken my new month record for three months in a row. Just when I start second guessing my blogging strategies once again a new money making path shows up and puts me over the top.

That being said, here are my record breaking June 2008 blog totals. The statistics encompas my four blogs. Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which slowly spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and then also the Bearded Bunny Art Blog and now even the brand new Icelandic Puffin.

Note: I have been documenting my blog progress since the very beginning. Is it realistic to be able to make money blogging? Find out all the ways I tried to earn money and make your own decisions whether or not it is worth it. you can see links on my side bar to other posts, where I give details about my blogging strategies.

May 2008 Blog Profits: $25.72 (new record)

the breakdown:

Project Wonderful $5.51
Adbrite $1.08
Widgetbucks $0.90 (all time $37.58)
Google Adsense $12.71
Vume $0.00 (all time $4.75)
Pay Per Post $20.00

June 2008 Blogging Profits: $39.30 (new record)

Pay Per Post was my big new addition to the line up. I wrote one blog worth $20 and just like that I break another record. The coolest thing about pay per post is the fact that you get to look at a list of blogging topics, and if you like one and write about it you get the amount of money that the specific product or topic is paying. It is pretty cool. Check it out:

You can also read my blog post about it here

I have broken my all-time earning record four months in a row, while I have a long way to go before I start cracking triple digits, I am happing to be in double digits and climbing. In February I made 12 dollars, in March I made 17 dollars, April I broke 20 dollars, last month I broke the big two five, and now almost 40 dollars in this month alone!

Besides the new Pay Per Post, Google Adsense is once again my biggest earning profit center for my blogs, earning almost 20 dollars for the second month in a row. I attribute this succcess to new viewers to my blog and an increase in traffic. Google hasn't been this active since my mega popular Google Adsense Vs Loose Change challenge.

Adbrite has been disgustingly bad recently. This is the second worst performance in a month by AdBrite since 2007. I think this has to do with my blogging inactivity (only posting 5 blogs in May) and also due to very low click rates. I have to say I am dissapointed with AdBrite and am questioning making the full switch over to Google's Adsense (currently Adbrite only runs on one of 4 blogs).

My Widgetbucks numbers has actually rebounded this month. I was only earning a quarter a month for a while, which was poor compared to the 50 cent average in the late 2007 months, but now a nice 92 cent score makes the cash out minimum ($25) seem to be in the total is $37.58.

How this month stacks up:
June 2008: $39.30
May 2008: $25.72
April 2008: $24.80
March 2008: $17.35
February 2008: $12.06
January 2008: $13.23
December 2007: $6.01
November 2007: $8.09
October 2007: $8.55

View my detailed March, February, January, and Decemberstatistics.

To be honest, as mentioned in the intro paragraph I have been a bit lazy with my blogging strategy lately. I've been busy working on designing my own card game, planning my miniature artwork hunt art tour among other thing. I still use many blog traffic products however I have been slacking on the consistency of using these tools. Meanwhile, my hard work in the first few months of blogging has been paying off and my numbers continue to grow.

If you are really serious about blogging make sure to see my first blog studies! Make sure you do not make the same mistakes as I did. My November Blog Totals and also my first pathetic month in October 2007


BLD said...

thanks for sharing your numbers, I am novice blogger but this is indeed interesting.

do you think pay per post is kind of not very ethical? or if there is a willing buyer there is a willing seller?

williamhessian said...

i think pay per post could be considered unethical if you shamelessly take blogging oppertunities that you really dont care about or use.

i plan to only accept oppertunities from products i really do use, or believe in. i figure as long as im honest than it seems ethical. however, this will mean 95% of all oppertunities i will have to turn down, but in the end, that is worth it to me.

i just pick and choose the best blog topics for me.

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