Friday, June 6, 2008

The most entertaining free ten dollars betting on CentSports

In April my brother invited my to join CentSports, a free money sports betting page. It took a while to get rolling but now my win percentage is above 50% and I am currently over 9 dollars. I need to get my balance above $10 before I can cash out.

My whole system right now is based on betting ten percent of my balance on games that the centsports all-stars (other players that have earned over $300 so far) bet on. The all-stars usually have a good track record and therefore I simply copy their bets and hope they make good picks.

It has been working in my favor so far.

And it is all free!

Centsports is awesome. I joined only two weeks ago and I've made over 150 bets. You can sign up your friends and earn a percentage of their winnings on each bet, which makes it even more fun to recruit new people.

It is free to join, just click here. It is free money, and it is a fun way to spend a few minutes checking sports scores each day. I recommend this to all sports fans, gamblings fans, and even simply people who go online each day. It's worth a few minutes a day betting ten cents on a three game parlay to win 40 cents. If you happen to hit a few days in a row you could be sitting with a 20 dollar check from cent sports in your lap.

Give it a try

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Anonymous said...

Centsports is cool but I like this site called a whole that better...

You start off with 10,000 “fantasy” money each week….objective is to turn that into as much “fantasy” money as possible by betting on sports games….You do not have to know anything about sports since this money is FREE at…..spend the money by clicking on the teams you think will win…..After every week your account gets credited back to 10,000 “fantasy” money to play with if you run out….

The person with the highest profits each day at gets the daily CASH prize of $50, the highest profits for the week gets the weekly CASH prize of $500 at, and the person with the highest grand prize total gets the CASH grand prize of $10,000 at And this is all REAL CASH….That simple….you ask “how can afford that? There has to be a catch”- Absolutely not!!! gets paid by the advertising just like a facebook, myspace etc….

If you refer a friend at you get an extra 1,000 in free “fantasy” play money, which means if you bet your free “fantasy” play money and the bet doesn’t win it does not count against you, but if it wins your account gets that amount credited to your winnings….

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