Friday, June 13, 2008

Easiest Free Money sites on the Internet

PRE POST WARNING: All of these sites listed below will slowly make you tiny bits of money. As expected each site has a large trade off, in terms of ads, junk mail, wasted time that you will need to endure or expend in order to profit. Take my reviews with a grain of salt.

I try out these free money sites so you do NOT have to. You can simply pick your favorites!

1. LightSpeed Panel:
For a few months I have been doing 20-25 minute surveys a few times a week. These surveys transfer directly into points, which can instantly be redeemed for paypal cash (which is nice). For the first few months I barely qualified for any surveys, However, once you spend a few hours filling out your preferences, you start getting mulitple relevant survey's each week. It takes appoximately 5 or 6 surveys to make a $5 gift card. I enjoy the surveys because I can do them while I multitask.

Grade: B

2. Inbox Dollars:
This free money site gives you $5 just for signing up. You make additional money by reading daily paid e-mails (only a few cents per e-mail), and buying featured products. I stear clear of ordering anything on-line that I would not normally buy, so I've never used the shop on Inbox Dollars. I've made $1.22 with paid e-mail so far, and it only takes me a few seconds a day to click them. At this rate, it will take me another 6 months or so, to reach the minimum payout.

Grade: D

3. TikTikCash
In less than one month I already have pending $143.65 with TikTikCash. However, that is very misconceiving because only $6.77 is confirmed. Basically if you click an add at tiktikcash that money you COULD earn by buying the product or signing up for services goes into your pending. I would estimate 95% of the offers and products are complete garbage. Meanwhile, a few offers are worth your time and they also offer paid e-mails. This site also starts you with a free $5 for signing up. You also earn $5 per referral, so if you are interested, be a pal and let me refer you with an e-mail. If you are in a hurry, just use the link above and sign up on your own.
Grade: C

4. PineCone
One of the newest free money sites I have joined, I was reffered to this one...and i personally do not see any benefit to it. The site is simply filled with ads, and it seems you only make money if you buy products through their page. Basically I consider this free site worthless. However, if you buy tons of useless things ringtones, pills, insurance, gifts etc. then this site is for you.
Grade: F

5. MyPoints
This was another free money site that was recommended to me. I have earned 90 points so far simply be taking a few surveys and clicking on paid emails. It seems to be another easy site to slowly build points until you can redeem them for gift certificates. This site also offers some pretty decent cash back bonuses for shopping on sites like and other decent online stores. While I would need to wait another month to give a true review of MyPoints, so far I am impressed.

Also see my posts on free money gaming sites, which cost nothing (you dont even need to use a credit card) to join and you immediately get free money for playing games or betting on sports:
Watch an ad. Play games. Get Free the link to read my newest review of this site. It was my favorite free money site ever, until recently. I still have made over $100 (actually cashed and in my bank) from Moola

Cent Sports
My new favorite free money site. You get a free unending stream of dimes to bet on sports games. I make 10 bets a day, and am trying to break 10 dollars. They have an EXCELLENT referral program and a very easy betting system. Some people are making hundreds of free dollars each month. Even if you hate sports, this is a great free money website, especially since it only takes you a few minutes a day to make bets.


infinitewebprofit said...

Thanks for sharing your money making programs list. I am also looking for programs like these and see if they really earn you some bucks.

Ria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ria said...

this is a very good site for earn money online

see my income proof

williamhessian said...

Ria, those sites are BS in my opinion!

Bonnie said...

PineCone is a survey site only. I only get emails when they have a survey that I quailfy to do. I make about $15-20 a month on average. It's only $5 per survey but some months I get more than others. It's similar to Buzz Back. I only get emails when they have something for me to do.

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