Monday, August 25, 2008

Make money with a free blog

Bust A Blog offer a pretty inticing deal, write blogs and get paid. Although that is what we all already ready do with Google Adsense and Project wonderful. Bust A Blog gives a new blogger the chance to write blogs and earn money without going through the hoopla of signing up for adsense themselves (although it is not hard).

I admit I would have considered Bost a Blog when I first started, because it all was a little overwhelming for me, blogging, advertising, selling space, getting pageviews, adding widgets ect.

Bustablog offers free search engine optimization, 100 layout templates, unlimited blog sign ups, and help maximizing your profits. I am curious how money people are making moey from this site. Are you, or do you know anyone on this site? If so, please leave a comment and let me know if the site is any good.

The main page layout reminds me of and seems to be a decent way to feature multiple blogs. Just out of curiosity I checked to see how many blogs where in the art & design section and only 7 blogs appeared. Either this blogging site is brand new, or else it has not been very popular. It also lists on the main page that 25 new blogs have been posted on this Monday so far. Which seems like a very small number for noon.

I plan to research this site a little more and find out how profitable this would be for new inexperienced bloggers. Meanwhile, if you are curious yourself check it out:
Bust A Blog

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Blog Cherry, we are new. We have been around one month. Thanks for the good, words and yes 25 a day seems small, but we are to this point still a small company.

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