Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pay Per Post offers $15 per referral

Fifteen dollars per referral! Wow.

If you join Pay Per Post, first you need to write at least one blog post. The first oppertunity you get is a $20 post about Pay Per Post, its a free 20 dollars just to write about the company.

Then, once you've made 20 dollars on your first post you can start putting the sign up form seen below on your page:

They give you all the codes to be able to do this. Now, anytime somebody comes to your blog and signs up you will get 15 dollars per person. A lot of the top earners at Pay Per Post get massive amounts of referrals per month and make a ridiculous sum of money each month.

How do you sign up? Simply fill out the form above, write a blog about Pay per Post and start making some easy money. I have only been writing paid blogs for them for a few weeks and I will make nearly 50 dollars already. Good luck.


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