Monday, October 27, 2008

100 bucks from google

This was a hard earned check. It took about 10 months to earn this money, I had to build 4 blogs, post about 100 blogs, and advertise myself all over the internet. I am very glad to finally cash a check (since you do not get a check until you have earned over 100 dollars with google adsense).

I wanted to post and prove it. Blogging can earn you real money, it just takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort. Needless to say, its a busy time, and blogging is tough (just see my last post for proof) but in the end, the blogs that I really enjoy doing are much easier to consistently update.

My fascination with the blogging culture has begun to die. I find too many people are blogging, and too many people are not caring, and I think its time to find something new.

1 comment:

Rumpleteazer said...

Congratulations on reaching payout - only another $93 to go for me!

Don't give up on blogging culture. I personally find it fascinating taking a peek into other people's lives and thoughts.

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