Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Rush is dead!

I just got an email stating that Blog Rush is shutting down. This was forseen months ago by many when blogrush's results were less than favorable. When I first signed up, I enjoyed clicking on other's blogs but soon became disinterested when I saw the same blog popping up and never felt I was getting much traffic from the widget.

At times I would get a good deal of impressions, where my blog title would appear on a widget on someone elses' blog, but very rarely did that result in actual traffic to my blog post. Granted, I feel entrecard's numbers are going similarly in that direction. This culture of widgets and traffic increasing programs never seem to last the test of time. Like the economy, it all looks good for a while, until it pops and then thins are never the same. I consider Blog Rush to be yet another short lived blog traffic fad. I actually really enjoy the concept of Blog Rush, and also enjoyed the layout and how it worked. It just simply was not successful at bringing new readers to a blog at a consistent rate. I could go a weeks with three blogs not getting one or two hits.

I never gave up with the widget, because I enjoyed having random outbound links to other topic related blog posts. It was kinda neat, even if it was failing.

Goodbye Blog Rush. You tried. And now you died.


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