Monday, January 26, 2009

Still the best free online web based MMO CCG with no dowloads

It's still Urban Rivals. Massive multi player collectible card that is completely free. Plus no downloads, the cards are hilarious and its a fun strategy game. You can buy credits if you want, if you are impatient and want really good cards right away. However, I did not spend any money my first 30 days and was loving the game.

After 30 days I did spend 5 dollars to test out how hard or easy it was to buy credits, and it was quite easy. I probably should buy more credits simply because I've had hours and hours of enjoyment from the game.

You can use this link to register quickly:
It will automatically make me you sponsor and I'll help you progress

You can get free cards and play your first game in a matter of minutes.

Another great thing about the game is the referral system. For instance, if anyone joins under you and spends any money in the shop, you get a 10% in credits to buy more in-game packs. I have managed to attract 72 sponsorees to the game which has given me 1410 credits. Buying this many credits in the store would cost me approximately $65. Free credits in Urban Rivals! The sponsor system basically gives me free money to buy new cards!

If you havnt tried the game, give it a shot, and if you hate it, quit right away. If you like it, stick around and play some more. The tourneys are every other hour, and they are a blast. I'd be glad to help any newcomer.

Give Urban Rivals, the greatest free online MMO CCG with no downloads, a try today!

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