Sunday, May 19, 2013

CPA Trend Review: Legit or a Scam?

I was recently recommended to check out CPA Trend. Right off the bat I saw these payouts:

At CPATrend, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we deal with payments. Each publisher starts on standard monthly NET-15 payment terms. However, we like to pay our publishers early every single month!

If you'd like to receive on time or early payments with CPATrend, sign up today!

Below are some key thresholds for payments.
  1. Minimum Payment Threshold: $50 for any given month.
  2. Bi-weekly Payment Threshold: $500+ per week.
  3. Weekly Payment Threshold: $1,000+ per week.
  4. International Bank Wire Threshold (free): $2,000.
  5. International Bank Wire Fee (if less than $2,000): $40.00.
Right off the bat it passed three important internet scam smell tests:
1. You do not need to pay money to start
2. There is contact information that actually connects you with a real person
3. It has good reviews from customers

Rarely do internet companies look this good. Check out all these reviews for CPA Trend:

CPA Trend Legit or a Scam?
anyone worked with them before or know if they r a trustworthy company? any payment issues?

CPA Trend: Best Customer Support
CPATrend is a highly reputable, quality-first CPA affiliate network. We pride ourselves in providing the industries best customer support

AFF Paying
Solid network with great DIRECT offers and awesome AM (Alex). Payouts are sent on time (or earlier) and Phil always finds a solution to any problems one might have. Highly recommended. I'm yet to find a better converting network.

CPA Trend Reviews
CPA Trend is a network that prides itself in its 5% referral commission deal. They have superb support and self proclaimed highest payouts around. You can earn 5% commission on any of your referrals earnings at CPA Trend. They pride themselves in their human touch and are extremely focused on Dating, Gaming, Bizopps, Health, EDU niches.

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