Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Best FREE Online MMO CCG with no downloads

I am a big fan of this Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Collectible Card Game (CCG) called Urban Rivals. I had written about this game on my other blog Zombie Robot Frosting and got a great response.

Urban Rivals pits a number of street gangs against others. You collect your own street thugs and match them up against opponents street gang. The characters are usually parodies of pop culture figures and are quite hilarious in their own right. The game is downright fun, the collecting and experience system is very addicting and the best thing is that this game is FREE (unless you want to buy tons of extra cards which is not necessary to the enjoyment of the game).

Not only is Urban-Rivals free, but unlike most other free games, there is NO download. You collect cards, level them up in battles or tournaments hosted every other hour, and sell and trade them in the market. Building a good deck takes time. You earn packs of cards by playing in the tournaments or buying credits or the best way inviting your friends to come play. Join up and try the game here.

While this game website cannot earn you any money blogging, it is a very fun way to spend some free time. Especially if you like new and strategic card games. Plus, the referral program is not only fun to bring in friends but also to earn extra credits to buy new cards.

Since their is no downloads and the fact that the game is free, I often open a new window and play this game while doing any number of other things online. It is the best game I have found online since Kingdom of Loathing.

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