Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make a Thousand Dollars a Month Blogging

No joking here. With full time, balls to the wall blogging effort, you can build your audience and make over a thousand dollars per month blogging. The catch is, you usually have to invest money, time and energy into it. First of all, you need to advertise your blog. You may groan to learn (yet again) that you need to spend money to make money, but in blogging it is no different. I will admit that I was against this principle at first too, and I spent countless hours joining message boards, groups, and chat rooms inviting people to check out my 6 different blogs just hoping to gain a following. After months of hard work I put a little money aside and tested out buying some advertising space on other websites. Next thing you know I am making more money with my advertisements. A considerable amount of money each month coming in.

Having and keeping up with all the blogs at once was a real issue for me, and even if I was writing 3 greats blogs, there were 3 being neglected. I had one glorious month were I regularily updated all my blogs weekly or daily (depending on the blog) and combined with months of prep work and advertisements funneling people to me, I finally had hit the 4 figures profit on my blogs. However, I looked like a mess threw up a bigger mess. Sleeping was nearly impossible and I was writing 6 under quality blogs, and writing nearly 40 posts per month spanning all 6 blogs. Needless to say I could not keep up the pace. If I seriously did nothing but blog, I know I could make a thousand dollars per month, in fact I know you could too if you wanted to do it full time. But let me tell you, the job is extremely hard, brutal and in the end too much work for me with not enough reward. Shucks though, I had tried.

Scaling back my blogging was a good idea, and in the end I was pretty happy simply to do it more casually and stop focusing on making so much money all the time. I still run adds on my blogs and I still update you guys when I find a new strategy or idea for making big bucks writing blogs. But right now, it is not for me. I am happy to say I did hit the 4 digits one month, and probably will never do it again.

I would love to hear your stories of successes and failures.

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