Friday, November 23, 2007

Adsense Vs Adbrite: 10 day totals

Adbrite Vs Adsense battle

October 5th I began my journey with Google adsense. I started posting adsense on my zombie robot frosting blog. Ten days ago I started this blog, Blog Blog Cherry using Adbrite as my advertising focus. Here I will post the results from each product after ten days of results.

Statistical Breakdown
Note: keep in mind these are stats for the literal first ten days of each blog, therefore numbers are expected to be very low.

Google Adsense:
page impressions: 756
clicks: 7
ten day earnings: $0.06

page impressions: 324
clicks: 1
ten day earnings: $0.15

As I mentioned in my last post, that Adbrite has advantages, like choosing which ads will be acceptable on your page and knowing exactly how much each specific ad can generate (this can range from $.05 to $1.60). While Google adsense had better numbers for impressions (which has more to do with people visiting my site than anything) still Adbrite's one single click generated nearly 3 times the earnings in the first 10 days. It will be interesting to see how this earnings battle plays out.

A Fair Fight?
To make this head to head war as fair as possible I need to try to equalize the page impressions for blog blog cherry. This will mean a number of posts about relevant topics and finding people to come see the content. Ten days is not much to go on at this time, but it will be interesting to see the statistics as time goes on.


mezamashii said...

Thanks for doing this! I'm very interested to see what your outcome is over time!

Alicia said...

Can you put both adbrite and adsense on the same blog, or does google not allow it?

islanddave said...

I've experimented with both adsense and adbright, and adsense has vastly outperformed adbright in the same page location. 5-6 times the CTR, and much better context on most of my blogs. The 7 clicks for 6 cents sounds like one person likely clicked on several ads and google excluded them as invalid.

If you really want to improve your CTR, move your ads to the left sidebar. CTR is tremendously higher there. Good luck!

BTW found your blog through BlogCatalog).

Rohan said...

To be really fair you should use both adsense and adbrite on the same page..... All you require is a small sript(perhaps PHP) to rotate the ADS to give them equal exposure :)

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