Sunday, November 25, 2007

Naked blogging

The Next Big Thing
Recently I was told that I was not a good blogger. "Your blogs are not very efficient and quite badly strategized," I was told on an online blogging site (blog catalog to be specific). The blogger aiming the harsh words in my direction makes nearly $800 per month blogging, using a number of blogs. In response to the accusitions, I replied my revolutionary blogging tactic that would surely improve my blogging traffic.

Nude Blogging
Yes. Nude blogging. This, of course, was a sarcastic joke, which was taken very literally by my opposing blogger. The blogger went on to critique this notion very systematically, making sure I knew that my brilliant idea was doomed to fail. I told him it was foolproof since I was male model attractive (not true) and never left my webcam's view (also not true). I was indeed playing the roll of a 13 year old boy at this point intended to squeeze out some juicy response.

It's "HARD" to blog
It does bring up an interesting point about shameless blog promotion. Of which, this $800 a month blogger did on a regular basis. Although, I admit 'shameless blog promotion' is a relative term. This particular post, "Naked Blogging" is very much a strategy my opponent would propose as good strategy. Trick the viewer into reading your content. Even more advantageous if the content is boring half-way down the page, thus giving the viewer the best chance to click away to some paid advertiser. Thus, dropping some change into your virtual pocket.

I told him I wanted my content to grow month after month until I had a great forrest of useful information and insight, to which, one would want to return to time after time. His/her response was that this strategy was "unintelligent", because return viewers become accustom to the locations of your text advertising. Knowing this, the return viewer would only read your content and never stray to the big money links. "Having return viewers is bad blogging", was the bloggers' insightful quote. Thus, why my nudity concept would fail: the nudity would draw far too much attention and detract from the sexy text ads on the right hand side bar, and in the end give me less profits.

"An interesting point," I replied, and I meant it. Shortly after, I galloped off to write this blog.


mezamashii said...

muahahahahaha that is hilarious!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Great post. :D Everyone has their own taste when it comes to blogging. It's a journal, a place for self discovery. As long as it's not offensive, it's right.


Tanakwagu said...

maybe someone are really naked while blogging. who knows? lol
we bring the internet

Krista said...

I am naked a lot of the time...and on the internet a lot....and a model, but I still don't make any money doing internet bs....maybe that is an issue.

RockStories said...

I was all set to find this interesting or entertaining, but I got really stuck on "I was playing the roll [sic] of a 13 year old boy at this point". You mean, posing as a thirteen year old boy? Pretending to be someone you weren't? LYING to the people you were conversing with? Hmph. Now NO ONE will ever believe you're naked!

Jim Bauer said...

Tanakwagu—one never knows, does one? lol

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