Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Widgetbucks performance review

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

In mid-October I signed up for Widgetbucks. The program offers a slideshow type banner featuring products for sale. Each click from a viewer, much like any advertising product, then generates a few cents. I currently have one widgetbucks banner at my Zombie Robot Frosting blog (at the very bottom). Earlier this month a gave a brief review of Widgetbucks in my Widgetbucks blog

Rolling in the Big Money
Widgetbucks, for a small blog like mine, does not generate anywhere near good sums of money. It is a ticky-tack penny-by-penny process. I make 17 cents per click on the banner. I average 1100 page impressions in a month and currently have a 1.33% click rate. With the 14 clicks, my total earnings for November comes out to $2.31

Month to Month Comparison
Last month, I had a much better click rate at 3.74, although I did blog about it and encouraged readers to check out the banner. My per click payment was also a few cents higher at $.20 per click. My earning were $1.58 from 8 total clicks (keep in mind Widgetbucks was started on October 15th, only half of a month statistics). My numbers went down in most cases from the initial month, but the steady stream of clicks from week to week seems reliable. While my overall earnings did go up, the rate fell quite drastically, next month will be interesting to see which way the numbers begin to go. If the number continue to drop, soon there will be no reason for the banner, however if my percent bounces back up and stays consistent with clicks it looks to be a decent ad banner for my health & immortality blog.

Categorized Content

Still my favorite feature of this banner ad is the fact that I choose the content category. I choose green products, something I feel is important and also relates to my blog, therefore I enjoy the advertisements on my blog. I happen to be interested in a number of the products which helps me feel confident that it belongs on my page.

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