Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duplicate Poker follow up (w/picture)

The Story

A month ago I wrote a blog Duplicate Poker: Scam or Legit where I questioned the validity of the skill-based poker site. I explained in my previous post I only tried this site because of an $80.00 cash booster
incentive paid to me by for joining and playing cash games. If you are not familiar with Moola see my moola blog here.

Duplicate Poker

So I was paid a good sum of money to play $25 worth of cash games on Duplicate Poker. I was skeptical of the deal, but gave it a shot (turned out this was smart since the offer was shortly thereafter removed). While I found the Duplicate Poker's skillbased set up very odd and seemingly open to cheating with multiple computers...overall I was pleased with my short experience. I literally only played the amount of games I needed to be rewarded my $80 booster, I happened to win 3 of the 11, $2-3 short tournaments I played. This was a nice bonus to the deal.

My Check

As you can see in the picture above I got my check in the mail for $36.30. I had to deposit $20 to play, and therefore walked away from the site gaining a total $16.30. Not to mention the $80 check from moola which is on its way as we speak.

Future Boosters

Due to the success of this booster, I am currently trying out and will report my results here. If you are interested in trying moola for yourself feel free to get a free invitation here: moola invitation. Look for future posts about my moola success in the future.

Make sure to also see: Duplicate Poker review, the exciting My first check from Moola, and Is Blogging Worth It?

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