Thursday, December 20, 2007

Obsessively Checking Adsense Stats

Two months ago, I began my blogging adventure. Opening Zombie Robot Frosting and then spawning the Bearded Bunny Art Blog and this site, Blog Blog Cherry. Not longer after signing up for my blog, I was at Google trying to get adsense onto my page. Little did I know....that I would become obsessed.

I have this urge to check my adsense statistics every time I am online. I want to know how many impression I have, how many pennies I made, and hope to see a mark in the "clicks" column. In my November earnings blog you can see that I do not make very much money with Adsense. If fact, only a few cents per day average, and if you took out my top 5 most lucritive days, I literally average less than 2 cents per day. However, this does not stop me from logging in to Adsense at less 10 times a week. There have been days that I will check it 5-6 times, just to track the progress. I will check in the morning, then I will write a blog, check the stats again, then I will post the blog on digg, reddit, and myspace and check again, and then let the posts steep a while and check one more time. Anytime I post a link to my newest blog on a related forum or other, I am always pumped to check my statistics and see if the numbers have made any change (usually it has not made much difference).

I am curious to know if other bloggers continually check their adsense numbers. Is this a normal obsession, or am I the only one? What is it about those minimal numbers that draw my curiousity so strongly?

If only I could earn a few cents each time I logged in to check my stats. Because then maybe I would make some considerable money with Google Adsense. In the meantime, I am going to try to ween myself off of the obsessive checking of my numbers and try to spend my time more productively writing more blogs and coming up with better blogging strategies for the future.

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Alicia said...

Yeah it sounds a little obsessive. I have some obsessions too, just not this one yet. (:

Ren B said...

I do have the same obsession =D

But I guess I've gone further: I've got an add-on for my FireFox that adds the AdSense stats to the status bar, so I dont even have to log in and check it. I just double-click it to refresh and check the results. :)

Ray said...

Man, I check every few hours. But thats cause I'm figuring out how to have a few "dollar days" here and there. And now that you can see stats directly on Blogger, that's addictive too. That short alert post on
after the Japan Earthquake, saw 2000 page views almost instantly.

(Good tip Ren, above)

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