Monday, December 10, 2007

Is blogging worth it?

Blogging for Cash

If you are looking to give up your day job, and spend all day listening to music in your underwear, eating sour cream and onion Pringles & writing blogs... you are out of luck. Without investing a lot of money on advertising, web design, and a web host you really cannot jump into the blogging world and immediately cash in. Ok so maybe you are clever, and even a decent writer (or thats what your teacher said in that one English class you took in college) but when it comes to the world of really doesn't matter.

See my November earnings post to see the grim financial reality of opening a new blog in today's saturated market. Money can not be your driving force (unless you are willing to invest a few grand into your blogger venture or ad-venture)

Blogging for Fun

Cash aside. You just want to write about the things you love, or things that piss you off, or thing that make you giggle like a turtle with a feather in his shell. This is a foolproof way for success, in blogging or just life. Do the things you love to do. If you love to write and/or opinionate, then blogging is for you. If you can find a topic that you really enjoy consistently writing about, then blogging really is made for you. Putting a few ads here and there, you will find a few pennies dropping into your pocket. Blogging is a good excuse to research topics you enjoy, and a good excuse to be a know it all about something you care about.

If run my Zombie Robot Frosting blog simply as an excuse to look up articles and research done about health and immortality. I post information I have found, and I feel a slight sense of accomplishment, as opposed to reading the article and burying it in the depths of my overcrowded mind.

"Step aside! I write a blog!"

Exposure and Authority comes with blogging. Small fame can even follow a very succesful blog. I can ask an artist or a youtube publisher to answer some questions about their efforts simply by letting them know I am writing a blog about them. People are generally very receptive to a blog writer who wants to promote their work. I am not going to try to use my blog writing authority to get clearence into the Target Center to interview Shaquille O'Neil or anything, but on a minor level being a blogger grants you information you might be unable to get if just a passing fan.

One of my favorite blogs so far was the interviews I did with Star Craft english commentators I found on youtube. I was so excited about their work, and to share it with everyone that it was such a pleasure to do. Meanwhile, I learned a ton about the Korean Star Leagues, something I knew next to nothing about before the interview.

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Question what exactly you are looking for in your blogs. Is it money you are after, fame, knowledge, expression? Some of these things are easier than others to get. With just a little research you can get a good idea if blogging is the right choice for you. It is also something that is easy to start and easy to stop. I am just trying to save people a little time before diving into the deep endless sea that is blogging.

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