Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Money in my pocket from Moola

Moola is like money in the bank

I joined Moola in October 2007. I was curious to know how people were making free money while playing games from a website where you never send in money, Moola only sends you checks. Since October I've made 90 dollars and some change, while my current balance on the site is again over 10 dollars. Moola is an invite only website, however you can always find free invites, and you can have mine if you wish to try it out: Moola Invite

Over 100 dollars

In the past few months I have posted my strategies, how I made 80 dollars from moola, and how I made my first ten dollars. It has been a very fun website to frequent now and again and watch as the small amounts of money begin to build.


On average I visit Moola twice a day to earn free money spins. A new addition to this feature is the amount of your balance allows you to spin for higher amounts on the wheel. I play approximately 3-5 mini games per week, games like hi-lo, rock paper scissors, and gold rush. I participate in the booster zone features which pays you money to try out a product. I made my 80 dollars from the Duplicate Poker booster, and I am currently waiting to recieve my 23 dollars from the World Winner booster. World Winner is a mini game online arcade where skill matters. You can play solitare games, word games, puzzle games against other players for money. Join moola and get your free 23 dollars and sign up for World Winner, its a fun use of $20 especially if you are good at these games.

If you join Moola

If you get a Moola Invite and want to start out. You will begin with one penny, you can spin the wheel and play games to attempt to double your money. You need to verify your account using a cell phone eventually to get all your bonus money. I was worried about cell phone spam after the verification but there was none. A lot of people that join get frustrated early on, its hard to get above a dollar at first, it can take a few weeks even. Once you get past that hump, then money trickles in each day you log on. For those with a little extra time on the computer at work, at home or anywhere else I suggest signing up and giving moola a shot.

To learn more about my moola experience, to find out if it can make some free money for you read my other blogs: Free 80 dollar check
Moola's first free ten dollars
I wish you luck


Thomas said...

Thank you for the invite!

Baze said...

are the money real?

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