Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tired of Entrecard?

A few weeks ago, I, and just about every other blogger in the world joined Entrecard, a social link trading and card dropping site. I had initially been really excited about entrecard, I found a lot of neat blogs, and I saw a big increase in page impressions due to the foot traffic.

Lately, I've lost most of my enthusiasm for entrecard. I have found that it gets quickly repetitive and was a little frustrated when all the traffic I had initially gained has slowly drifted away. Things have cooled down and I do not drop many cards anymore. I dread logging in and spending my credits now, but hate even more the idea that someone has purchased space from me that is sitting dormant in the queue.

This brings up the question.....what to do with my entrecard accounts? I do not want to quit Entrecard, since I still get a few hits daily, and do not want to turn down new impressions from potential readers. Yet, I want to limit the time I spend on my entrecard account. I am cuttind down my card drops, and limiting my weekly log ins. I will spend my credits all at once, once a week.

What happens when another Entrecard shows up?

I tend to get very excited about every new blogging tool that walks in the door. I over research it, over analyze it, and over use it. I always expect too much, and am never satisfied. Entrecard has been a pleasant surprise for me and yet I find my self so bored with its progression. The next blog tool that shows up I will likely follow my same patterns, but this time I am going to take it all in stride and expect the worst. Basically take what I can get, and be realistic about the outcome.

I have a feeling there are others out there just like me. Is Entrecard a fad, a flash in the pan blog tool?

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Graham Langdon said...

I certainly hope that it is not a fad...

No but seriously, if you use it to fatigue, you'll get tired of it. If you take a more casual approach towards it, it will build your blog over the long term.

We're about to launch an enormous technorati ad campaign, so as an Entrecard member, you reap the benefit of all the traffic coming to our site with interest in your category.

PLUS we added some new features today like the ability to search blogs, search the forum, and more. Be sure to check em out!

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