Friday, May 23, 2008

Entrecard jazzing up the feats (feats=features)

Entrecard rolls out some new dandies! "Add new blog" is a new feature that lets a blogger connect all of their blogs into one blognormous account. I can now toggle between my new Icelandic Blog and my Bearded Bunny Art Blog as if I was wearing twelve charm bracelets. The neatest part is the ease at which you can transfer entrecard credit from one account to another.

I can finally afford to buy ad space on one of those COOL popular sites.

The second cool thing Entrecard has done is created an e-book in PDF form. This is like a free......manual. Pretty nifty. We all love PDF manuals about our favorite websites. This may be the blogging bible (or not), but still. This will be extremely handy for those newbies, or 'got to know it all's and for that I applaud. Not physically, but lyrically... clap clap clap. Way to go entrecard.

Sadly, along with me, most of us are writing about this nifty little changes Entrecard has made because they are boasting a BLOG POST CONTEST - WIN 2000 CREDITS! for mentioning the new feature in a blog post. You can't spell cha-ching without semi exciting entrecard updates.

I have had a little loss of love for my once sexy Entrecard. I've lost those butterflies I used to get when waking up and logging in to see how many credits I had earned since I last checked a few hours ago when I went to sleep. The gold and black logo used to catch my eye from afar, and now I just minimize the window to deal with it later. But oh well, entrecard, we are still friends right?

Call me.

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