Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tik Tik Cash- Free $5 and more

Today I was invited to try Tiki Tiki Cash and recieve a free $5. Every once in a while I participate in online surveys to make a few dollars here and there.

Tik Tik Cash in two hours has earned me eight dollars, thanks to the initial five dollars you recieve when you start. The site is just like other survey referral sites. You scan through a list of surveys, trials, games or products and it tells you how much cash you will recieve for signing up, answering questions or buying the product. Some of the amounts are very substantial ($10-50) while others are less than a dollar.

I personally simply do the surveys that seem legit. You can easily run into those terrible ad cycles, where you are simply turning down hudreds of horrible offers until you finally emerge on the other side of the maze like survey with another $1.50in your account.

If you were dedicated and had lots of time (and an email that you dont mind getting junk mail in) you could easily make a few hundred dollar in a weekend filling out surveys.

Tik Tik Cash is NOT for everyone. If you hate repetitive surveys, and spending time looking at useless ads, then do not sign up to tiki cash. Meanwhile, if you have some free time at work, and want to make a few extra dollars here and there give it a shot: Tik Tik Cash

As I said I am up to $8.00 and I will update with my progress in future posts.

Other Free Money Sites: (sites you do not have to pay anything to earn real cash)

My free money game site Moola.com account has stopped earning me money since the site has made some terrible changes. I will write a blog about this as well, but I dont expect to recieve anything beyond my last 10 dollar check. Total Moola earnings: $136.06 (in seven months)

My Cent Sports account on the ohter hand, is doing better than ever. Cent Sports is a free online sport betting site, and its legal. I am enjoying the site very much, and today my balance is: $3.88

Click any of the links above to read more about each free money site I am trying.


quotelawrence said...

I entered my e-mail address and started the process but then when tiki asked my S.S.#, and I don't even know whats up with this site, I stopped but now I am getting spam all the time, I don't know if these guys pay, or if they use personal info for falsifying records, but I thought it was to riskie maybe you can help me.

Anonymous said...

Tik Tik does not pay. At least not in a timely manner. It is suppose to be a three month waiting peroid between your fist request which must be 100 dollars. But its been over three months and I have not seen the money yet in my paypal accout I also have not receiveany paid emails from them since requesting a payout. If not a member do not sign up for this ,

Anonymous said...

I do not trust tiki tiki cash, they say you have earn some money but they will not pay out when you request it. What is the the purpose of all of this if the company does not keep it WORD! Do not join it does not make sense, also they stop sending emails but they are still on the internets radar.

quotelawrence said...

thanks I noticed I stopped getting tik tik spam also thanks

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