Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moola has gone from GOOD to PISS POOR


For those of you unaware, Moola is a site where you get free money to play mini games. I managed to make over 100 dollars in 6 months with moola. It was the most fun, and best designed free money site I had seen in a long time. Yes, you had to watch an ad before each game, but it seemed worth it for some reason. I followed through on a couple of sign up offers which netted me my most money (these offers no longer exist on moola), and I used their search and win bonus daily, getting money to use their search engine (also gone now).

I have watched Moola go from having 4 thousand players at any given time in a day, down to 400. The bonuses have slowly been reduced or stripped away, the benefits of playing have been reduced, and the special deals and offers went from relevant and useful to straight up spamming garbage. I do not recommend this, but if you still wanted to check out how bad moola has gotten then use my free Moola Invite.

I could care less about Moola.com now. I feel slightly guilty for managing to get 46 referrals to join a site I claimed was worthwhile, only to have it become a dormant land of pointlessness. In fact, I, and a lot of other players, have developed a really bad taste in our mouths about all the changes. "Hey, its free money...what do you expect?" is what you are probably saying, and you are probably right. But when you set up a system and let people buy into it, and tell others to buy into it, you become disenfranchised when you see it changed on a weekly basis to maximize their profits and limit yours. As you know, if you have read my blog lately, I have made a switch to my new favorite free site: Cent Sports

Cent Sports

I do not need to repeat what I said in my cent sports review, but I really have faith that Cent Sports is a really well built free betting site. I have been enjoying it daily for nearly a month now. I am over $5 and climbing daily.

The referral system is good (as long as they dont change it)... since it seems almost too good (some people make 20 dollars a day simply from referrals, although you need hundreds of them) and once you start making good bets and your account starts rising it seems like often people are ending up with $50 balances all over the place. Especially if you enjoy sports, this is the best site I have found in a while. Check it out. Plus if you become my referral we can be friends and I'll give you tips on how the bonuses work, parlays and my strategy for getting above 5 bucks.

My cent sports review: HERE

To learn more about my moola experience, to find out if it can make some free money for you read my other blogs: 6 million free dollars

and my Free 80 dollar check

Moola's first free ten dollars

I wish you luck

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Crafty said...

Oh Crap! I read your blog backwards and signed up for Moola, then I read this post...

I'm still waiting to see how your "Stop trying to beat me" comments panned out.

I am stuck on your blog for a good hour now, STOP ENTERTAINING ME!

Or not...

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