Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How I make money blogging

It has been over 6 months blogging now.

Everything seemed so fresh and exciting at first. For a period of time my life revolved around trying to promote and write blogs. All i talked about was blogging, all i ever did was write blogs and research blogs. I was a blog a holic....and you have to be if you want to be successful.

I only consider myself to be a semi successful blogger so far. A foot in the door blogger maybe. A few hundred blog posts doesn't mean anything in the blogsphere, a few hundred unread blog posts simply means you are keeping a journal.

I have already documented the things I find stressful about blogging, and I've already explained what products I use to advertise my blog, and products I use to make money. You can even see exactly how much money I make each month....be forwarned...it isn't much.

If you are looking to get started making your own money blogging...you might be a lot better at it than me, then see my tips for new bloggers. It will help you get started blogging.

I made 25 dollars blogging last month. Slowly my earning are going up. The biggest tip I urge for new bloggers is to make sure it is something you WANT to do, and have TIME for. WANT and TIME. If you just want the money, and do not really want to write blogs....try something else....join one of THESE sites. Seriously. The third most important thing behind TIME and WANT is CREATIVITY. There are millions of blogs all over the place, why are people going to choose your blog over someone else's? You better be damn funny, or a good writer, or be able to take reallllly cute pictures of kittens...because otherwise you are screwed.

It is a struggle that my blog faces...my most popular, and also my favorite, posts are my Adsense VS Loose Change Challenge; where I try to find more money on the ground than Adsense makes me on my blogs, or Stop Trying to Beat Me; where I challenge other bloggers to a comment war. These are also some of the few unique ideas that I've been able to produce for Blog Blog Cherry, keep in mind I am coming up with other idea for my other blogs as well. These ideas are not recycled or rip offs and that is why they have potential to be a lot more entertaining for the reader.

You can copy people, or steal ideas, and in fact you MUST do some of that in blogging. Blogging is basically a world of copycats (which is actually a good title for another blog post). But you need to stand above the rest, if you want to even be moderately successful, plus you need to be obsessed with posting, advertising, reading and promoting your blog. It is a constant struggle. I know for a fact if I could focus more hours on my blog that my blogging career could be a lot more successful, but I am still a full time airbrush artist and a part time fine artist and those things take up a majority of my time. Not to mention the rest of my life which consists of a girlfriend, family, eating and paying those greasy bills.

For what I can put into blogging, I am happy to be making $25 a month. Hopefully I can devote enough time to keep that number climbing.

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