Friday, August 29, 2008

Link Trade for Bloggers

Part of my interest with this blog is to meet and communicate with other bloggers, preferably without blogging related blogs. I have met some really cool bloggers since I started the Blog Blog Cherry blog. I am now starting a list of my friend bloggers and will add them to my sidebar.

If you are an blogger, that has a blog to trade links with please e-mail me:



Send me your url, name of blog, and add me to your blog. I will return the favor and add you to my link list. I would also like to make more blogging friends on all social websites like digg, blog catalog, mybloglog, deviant, artwanted, myspace, facebook, twitter and more. If you currently own any of these networking sites, search for my name (william hessian) and add me to your friends.

To help our artist community I also write blogs about other bloggers and their work/ projects/blogs. This helps me learn more about who you are as an blogger, and helps my readers get to know new bloggers. Let's network.

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