Friday, September 5, 2008

Did you make 41 dollars this month?

I am a full time artist, part time blogger. You can see my artwork at I started blogging nearly a year ago, trying to find a way to make a little extra money on the side. You will quickly find out, by browsing my four blogs, that I only make a few dollars a month (last month 18.00 during my art tour). This month things picked up and here's how:

First an intro to my blogs:
Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which slowly spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and then also the Bearded Bunny Art Blog and now even the brand new Icelandic Puffin.

Here is how I did in August:

the breakdown:

Project Wonderful $5.35 (all time $30.35)
Adbrite $0.09
Widgetbucks $1.20 (all time $39.26)
Google Adsense $14.13
Vume $0.00 (all time $4.75)
Pay Per Post $20.71

August 2008 Blogging Profits: $41.48 (New Record)

When I returned from my art tour in August, I was all fired up to get blogging. The popularity of my free miniature art hunts had helped boost some of my website statistics and helped me attain a google rank of 3 for a few weeks. This rank helped me get better offers from Pay Per Post which was my biggest earner of the month. i wrote two blogs which made me over 20 dollars. If you are a blogger and have not joined Pay Per Post, do so now!

You can also read my blog post about it here

Last month I ended my streak of new record earnings for blogging which happened four months in a row. However, I have broken a new all-time earning record this month and hope to continue where I left off. In a side note, I stopped using Adbrite due to its low success rate and have turned all of my blogs over to Google Adsense for advertising. In February I made 12 dollars, in March I made 17 dollars, April I broke 20 dollars, last month I broke the big two five, and now over 40 dollars in this month alone!

This month I hope to increase my traffic. Google was far more active during my mega popular Google Adsense Vs Loose Change challenge.

My Widgetbucks numbers has actually rebounded this month. Wudgetbukcs never earns me much, but a little bit here and there always helps.

How this month stacks up:
August 2008: $41.48
July 2008: $18.00
June 2008: $39.30
May 2008: $25.72
April 2008: $24.80
March 2008: $17.35
February 2008: $12.06
January 2008: $13.23
December 2007: $6.01
November 2007: $8.09
October 2007: $8.55

You can read about my July totals and compare.

To be honest, as mentioned in the intro paragraph it has been difficult to blog enough in the last few weeks. I've been busy working on designing my own card game, planning my miniature artwork hunt art tour among other thing. I still use many blog traffic products however I have been slacking on the consistency of using these tools. Meanwhile, my hard work in the first few months of blogging has been paying off and my numbers continue to grow.

If you are really serious about blogging make sure to see my first blog studies! Make sure you do not make the same mistakes as I did. My November Blog Totals and also my first pathetic month in October 2007

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