Friday, December 28, 2007

I find more change on the ground than I make with Google Adsense

Discarded Change

Ever since I started blogging (October 2007), and signed up for Google Adsense, I strongly feel that I can find more discarded change on the ground than I can make daily with Google Adsense.

Starting today, I am going to start picking up any pennies, dimes or nickels I find on the ground (I'm not going hunting, but if I happen to notice it in my daily routine) and I am going to keep running totals of each. I have a good notion that I will find more pennies on the ground then I will make with Adsense.

This will be a one month project.


I admit that this project stems from my dissatisfaction with Google Adsense. I hear of many new blogs making money with Adsense, but I hear of a lot more making little to none. It is frustrating when your readership grows and the blog gets better and better, and yet the Adsense stats do not reflect the success. Therefore, my frustration is pitting Google's pennies against the discarded dirty pennies on the ground.

Day One

This morning I found a dime in the snow. This afternoon I found a penny in front of my store. Adsense has made me only one cent so far today.

12/28/07- Adsense: $0.01
Money on ground: $0.11

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Thajmode said...

Its funny, I think the same dude. I make nothing out of adsense but a few pennies WEEK.

But its all about time, wich I dont have.

I you have the time, you should be making money.

My blog is (or one of them)

teatreebergamot said...

You need huge traffic to make money with Adsense. About 0.5% of impressions convert into clicks.

Without the traffic, you are right - you are better off picking up pennies in the streets!

pikepace said...

The irony is that posting the details of this experiment is likely to drive enough interest that your Adsense income might increase beyond the loose change amount. Good luck with both collection methods.

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