Saturday, December 8, 2007

Adbrite Vs Adsense DAY 20

Adbrite Vs Adsense battle

October 5th I began my journey with Google adsense. I started posting adsense on my zombie robot frosting blog. Ten days ago I started this blog, Blog Blog Cherry using Adbrite as my advertising focus. Here I will post the results from each product after twenty days of results.

Statistical Breakdown
Note: keep in mind these are stats for the literal first twenty days of each blog, therefore numbers are expected to be very low. Also feel free to see my 10 day results

Google Adsense:
page impressions: 1946
clicks: 11
twenty day earnings: $0.13

page impressions: 819
clicks: 4
twenty day earnings: $0.48

As I mentioned in my Adbrite review, Adbrite has advantages, like seeing exactly how much each advertiser pays per click. You can literally weed through bad ads, or low paying ads, leaving only the most content specific and highest paying ads on your page. With only a little management adbrite allows for far better control and use of your advertisers.

A Fair Fight?
The impression numbers are still off by quite a bit from this blog to my zombie robot frosting blog. However, it is still interesting to note the difference in earnings by click. Hopefully I can raise the amount of hits to this blog. Thanks for readings.
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