Monday, December 3, 2007

New Blogs' November $$ Earnings

I starting blogging less than 60 days ago. Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which just recently spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and the Bearded Bunny Blog which is about art.

Note: All of my statistics have been varying a lot since this only month two of my blogging experience. This should give new bloggers an idea of what to expect if starting a new blog within 60 days.

new strategies: (less than one month)

Early on, Google Adsense was showing me very little results on my blogs, I decided to go searching for another product like adsense and found Adbrite. I have reviewed Adbrite head to head with adsense in my adbrite Vs adsense blog. You can see adbrite on this blog on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. Adbrite was started on November 16th.
Income: $0.39

I was contacted by Adroll staff, asking if I wanted to try out their new advertising product. The products works in sync with adsense or adbrite type website advertising. It sells ads in the same spaces, for more than the competitor. Potentially, it could generate better paying ads on my blogs. I started November 28th, and in the first 5 days have had zero clicks. I am looking forward to seeing what this product does for me in December. I can invite other blogging to try out this product, if interested please comment and I will send you an invite.
Income: $0.00

Auction Ads
Failure! I did not find this to be a realistic source of income for my blogs. The banner posted ads for products for sale, I generate nothing for click throughs, however if a viewer purchased the item from the click through I would get a percent of the profit. I found the odds of someone buying something extremely unlikely, especially because I did not find the products very appealing personally. It no longer appears on my blog.
Income: $0.00

See my Widgetbucks performance review. This is my first 30 days using WB. Singing up with WB offers $25 free dollars, which is a nice incentive to try it out. The product is very new, and just started paying out the first earnings. Hopefully their are no hitches in the system as it seems to be a decent product for bloggers. I am a big fan of the green products that appear on my page since I do support green products awarness. 14 clicks in November.
Income: $2.29 cents

current ongoing blog profit centers:

Google Adsense
After a very turtle-like start, my adsense is finally showing so promise. I seem to get very inconsistent results day-by-day. I am not complaining though, because a few days this month I had some nice earnings. Making Adsense my new biggest money maker for the month.
Income: $5.05 cents

Voxant Newsroom
On my Zombie Robot Frosting blog I have news videos to embeded on my page. In month one, this was my favorite and best source of income for the blog. I did realize that I had the video set to auto play for viewers, generating me income but annoying all viewers. Since I turned off auto view and moved it down on my sidebar it gets less attention and also apparently does not load correctly for those with smaller computer screens. Newsroom's results are less than impressive for November.
Income: 0.17 cents

Vume (pronounced 'view me') is a photobucket style site, that allows upload and storage of pictures, audio or video. The cool thing about this site, is that it pays you $3 per 1000 views. I was using this site to host my blog pictures and since the start of my blogging. Sadly, it has gone through some rough periods here, good things it seems to back to functioning and I made a measly profit in November.
Income: $0.19 cents

Total funds (November): $8.09

Note: I want to stress the fact that this is month #2 in my short blogging experience. My $8 November total shows some improvement in adsense and widgetbucks, and some disappointments in Vume and Voxant Newsroom. My layout changes frequently, and I will run a post about my page impression strategies soon.

I am always trying new products and testing new strategies. If you know a profit center that works, or a new product that is worth trying out, leave me a comment and I will check it out.

compare my November earnings to my 30 day blog totals

see also my advertising battle blog: adbrite Vs adsense

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