Saturday, January 5, 2008

I found a dime in the laundry room: take THAT google!

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

The battle continues to heat up. Learn how this battle came about by reading Adsense vs Loose Change. This is day 8 of a thirty day project and due to the dime I found in the laundry room loose change just went up another ten cents.

new Loose Change Total: $1.78

Google answers right back today. With the strong help of my first day using Entrecard as you can see on my sidebar. Entrecard in the first day doubled my impressions and helped google earn a strong 31 cents!

new Adsense Total: $1.22

The Battle Rages On

See the daily statistics of the first seven days.

Also check out my Adsense vs Adbrite advertising battle.


Webster Twelb said...

omg!So entrecard really does actually earn more than a dollar on adsense?

I never earn that much. I'm fortunate that i'm getting more traffic.

Is it normal not to see google ads on your sidebar?

Sérgio Alex said...

Hi, I've discovered your blog through Entrecard, and I like your posts about the "loose change vs adsense".

Very good.

I think I'm signing under you on that Moola site. But I'm going to check it out first. ;)

williamhessian said...

entrecard did help in my first day. but hasnt done much for earnings today. it will be interesting to see what happens.

i dont run google adsense on this blog, but i run it on my other two blogs. you can find them on my side bar, as zombie robot frosting, and bearded bunny art blog. check them out.

sergio, please feel free to check out moola and sign up. if youve got a few minutes a day to put in, you can slowly earn some money for free with moola. good luck

Thajmode said...

Very nice dude,,, I placed a link to your site on one of my blogs,,, im registered under you on moola...

My blog

Very nice,,, but try to be more optimistic,,, im not making anything either :)

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