Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loose Change found on the ground VS Google Adsense (DAY 7)

The Battle Heats Up

Ever since I started blogging (October 2007), and signed up for Google Adsense, I strongly feel that I can find more discarded change on the ground than I can make daily with Google Adsense. My first explains my views further, read the original Loose Change Vs Adsense post.

I started this 30 day project on December 28th. Things have really started to heat up, as I had two big days of finding change on the ground and also had two relatively big google adsense days. Read on...

Found Loose Change

My first day I found 11 cents on the ground, and immediately Google was far behind. My change finding challenge has been incredibly lucrative so far. I was moving out of the house I was renting (which is now foreclosed on) in Minneapolis, and into an apartment in Uptown. During this process I found 94 cents in my roommates empty room. He apparently has no need for change when he's got so much paper cash. His name is Matt and he is an artist, his website is here:

My second big day. On new years day, I went back to our foreclosed house to make one more sweep of the premises and in the process found 60 cents lying around in different areas of the house. Keep in mind this is a five bedroom house, which leave lots of areas to find change while checking for any left or forgotten items.

In the days inbetween, before and after I have found an additional 2 cents lying on the ground. Here is the loose change break down:

28th: 11 cents
29th: 95 cents
30th: 1 cent
31st: 60 cents
1st: 0 cents
2nd: 1 cent
3rd: 0 cents

Found Loose Change 7 day Total: $1.68

A very impressive first seven days of the challenge. After my 95 cent day I assumed Google was out of the running already. Little did I know I was going to have two impressive google adsense days as well....

Google Adsense

I have explained before my frustration with Google Adsense and the fact that it is very hard to get any sort of consistency. I have had a number of people yell at me that I do not have enough page impressions to make any significant amounts of money with adsense. I am working on my page impressions.

To see my money totals in 2007 for adsense and other products feel free to read my 2007 $$$ Blog Totals. My best adsense month was $5 but average around a dollar and a half per month.

Given some semi success with my last couple blog posts on Zombie Robot Frosting and The Bearded Bunny Art Blog I have managed a pretty respectable first seven days of my challenge.

Google's first seven days:

28th: 2 cents
29th: 30 cents
30th: 4 cents
31st: 2 cents
1st: 43 cents
2nd: 1 cent
3rd: 11 cents

Google Adsense 7 day Total: $0.91

Amazingly Adsense is still in the running, but still quite a bit behind. I do not forsee finding large amounts of change on the ground in the near future and if adsense continues to produce it might take the cake in the long run. The next 23 days should prove interesting.

7 Day EARNINGS Scoreboard

1/3/07- Adsense: $0.91
Money on ground: $1.68

Also see my other blog posts: Obsessively checking adsense stats and my other Google blog battle Adbrite Vs Adsense and of course Is Blogging Worth It?.


I Love the Beach :) said...

I love this post. I am surprised that I haven't seen someone else post a similar experiment.

bluecrystaldude said...

Good luck for both your searching of loose change and google adsense. Sometimes luck does help a lot, better than trying. lol

Woobie said...

Nice scavenger hunt!

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