Friday, February 1, 2008

Wonderful Adsense? My January 2008 $$$$ totals!

I have been blogging for four months. Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which slowly spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and then also the Bearded Bunny Art Blog.

Note: All of my statistics have been varying a lot since this only month four of my blogging experience. This should give new bloggers an idea of what to expect if starting a new blog within 90 days. 2007 $$$ Blog totals

newest strategies:

Project Wonderful
Less than fifteen days ago I stumbled on Project Wonderful which is a great tool for selling space on your blog. It allows for bidders to place on ad on any blog they wish, and if they are the highest bidder their ad appears on the page in one day. For more info check out Project Wonderful. I made just under two dollars, but also spent almost $2.50 advertising my blog on others pages.
Income: $1.84

The first two months with Adbrite totalled me $1.17. There was very to little success with my adbrite statistics. However, I do enjoy watching my ads and editting which ads do and do not get shown. Adbrite has been more succesful this month and nearly double my total earnings. I have also recenlty finished reviewing Adbrite in a head to head battle with adsense in my adbrite Vs adsense blog. You can see adbrite on this blog on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. Adbrite was started on November 16th.
Income: $1.15

I've had a few trial runs. where I place ads on my page for free in order to get advertisers to buy ads on my site, and a few of my products were offered the same. I still have not earned anything with the site, and do not see much potential, this might be the last time I even record Adroll on my reports.
Income: $0.00

current ongoing blog profit centers:

Google Adsense
it's been an extremely busy month for google adsense on Blog Blog Cherry. First I pitted Adsense vs Adbrite, and then I challenged Google Adsense to make more money than i can find on the floor. After my dissapointing December, my January was my best month yet.
Income: $7.12 cents

See my Widgetbucks performance review. The widgetbucks success is slowed a bit this month. It wasn't booming before either, though. Two dollars a month is a worthy total and worth appearing on two of my blogs.
Income: $2.22 cents

Vume (pronounced 'view me') is a photobucket style site, that allows upload and storage of pictures, audio or video. The cool thing about this site, is that it pays you $3 per 1000 views. I have not had enough time to funnel my pictures through Vume lately. The first thing I stop doing when I am cramped for time is skip Vume. Thus, we I only earned one dime.
Income: $0.10 cents

Total funds (January): $13.23

My January numbers are taking off, and really looking solid. Compared to my normal totals of 6-8 dollars. Project Wonderful look promising for a few extra dollars per month and I excited to see where that takes me. I am always trying new products and testing new strategies, so you the blogger can pick and choose the ones that will work for your blog. If you know a profit center that works, or a new product that is worth trying out, leave me a comment and I will check it out.

Also make sure to see my blog traffic totals to see how they work in conjunction with my money making products.

compare my January numbers to my December totals

also compare my January numbers to my November Blog Totals and also my first pathetic month in October 2007

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