Friday, January 11, 2008

Entrecard Effect (week one statistics)


A new link trading traffic site called Entrecard is sweeping across the online blogging nation. I have read over twenty different reviews from casual bloggers, for profit bloggers and business bloggers, everyone is on-board and agree that so far Entrecard is a great success. It blows away BlogRush (another blogger traffic tool) so far.

How it works

The concept is simple. You trade online business cards with other bloggers by visiting their sites and clicking on "drop your card" and others do the same to you. Each time you drop a card, or if someone drops a card on you: you earn one Entrecard credit (EC). Attached to each blog is a 125 X 125 ad for another blog which you sell for ECs, and can buy advertising space from other sites for ECs. See the top of my right sidebar to see exactly what I am talking about. Their is a store selling serives for these credits, and some sites get enough traffic to ask nearly 350 Entrecard credits for one 24 period. It is fun to see who you can buy space from, and who is interested in buying ad space from you.


You could spend hours dropping cards on other blogs up to 300 per day maximum. You can study the blog charts and determine which blogs to spend credits advertising on. You can really get involved on the forums and trading comments on the blogs you find through Entrecard. The one really neat things is that myself, and other bloggers express this same thing, have happened upon a great deal of really good blogs through this site. Blogs we plan to visit daily.


If my words above are not convincing enough for you to get excited about Entrecard, then check out how these statistics have risen for my three blogs. I have only used Entrecard for one week.

In one week...
the first number in each stat= zombie robot frosting
the first number in each stat= bearded bunny art blog
the first number in each stat= blog blog cherry

I dropped
cards on other blogs.

Other bloggers dropped
cards on me

I have purchased
ads on other blogs

Other bloggers have purchased
ads on my blog

I have recieved
clicks to my blogs from my purchased ads

I have recieved
clicks from the entrecard website to my site

Entrecard effect on page impressions

The numbers above give you a good idea of the increased traffic coming to my blog. This was previously untapped blogging traffic. It far outweighs my blogrush unique traffic 5 to 1. On both my Zombie Robot Frosting and my Bearded Bunny Art Blog, my traffic literally doubled the average in the first seven days. This blog (blogblogcherry) tripled its normal weekly impressions. Entrecard is really making a large different on all three of my very different blogs.

Entrecard effect on click rates

Click rates also went up. My click rates for advertising have always been painfully low, so it does not take much to cause a spike in my statistics, however entrecard had a positive effect. My zombie robot frosting blog averaged 0.8 clicks per day and jumped up to 2 clicks per day. Meanwhile, this blogblogcherry blog managed to go from 0.4 clicks per day up to 1.2 clicks per day. Very impressive jumps in statistics across the board.

Bloggers get on board

The great thing about Entrecard is that whether you are a new blogger, or have a cult following, Entrecard will help you. You can devote hours to the site, or devote one hour a week. You choose your own level of involvement. I encourage everyone to get over to Entrecard and sign up. It is a great tool, take advantage. While it lasts.

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Tenacious said...

Entrecard is a nice system and it does send traffic. But unlike BlogRush is requires some action on the users part.
Where as BlogRush is more of a set it and forget it type deal. I do however like the community from Entrecard and I do reconmend it.

Chica said...

I totally pink puffy heart Entrecard, and have met some fantastic bloggers through the system. I hope it brings you the same success. :)

williamhessian said...

tenacious, good point about blog rush. it is a lot less maintenance heavy. but i dont get enough results from blogrush to consider it a useful tool.

Sam Freedom said...

Greetings, good stats... for what it's worth, BlogRush sucks. Every bit of your blog space should count toward something so the fact that it sits there passively means nothing for the fact that it does nothing for you... most people look right past it while most people look FOR the Entrecard widget.

Just put something juicy about yourself or your site under the widget to stop chaindroppers and make them stay a while.

Here's some helpful articles for you...

10 Simple Ways to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Entrecard Traffic

Best wishes using it,

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