Monday, January 7, 2008

27 more cents on the floor, Google is WAY behind

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

The battle continues to heat up. Learn how this battle came about by reading Adsense vs Loose Change. This is day 10 of a thirty day project and due to the quarter and two pennies I found in basement of our apartment building Google is now way behind!

Saturday the 5th: 1 penny found
Sunday the 6th: 27 cents found
Monday the 7th: 0 cents found

new Loose Change Total: $2.06

Poor Google is getting crushed in this competition. Adsense did just win in a close battle against Adbrite in my 40 day advertising war. However, once Google was faced up with the monster that is Loose Change found on the floor...adsense is just no match.

Saturday the 5th: $0.01
Sunday the 6th: $0.11
Monday the 7th: $0.09

new Adsense Total: $1.41

The Battle Rages On

See the past results of this knock out, drag down battle, I found a dime in the laundry room and the daily statistics of the first seven days.

Also check out my Adsense vs Adbrite advertising battle.


Deb said...

Even if I gave you my Google money, LC would still be in the lead.

williamhessian said...

deb, im sorry to hear you are having the same low success with google. its interesting in doing this blog series to see how many people are coming out to say the same thing as us.

google makes us barely anything....

Kathleen said...

You are so funneee ... the reason though why you're getting so poor Click-Thru-Rate is because your google ad is not IN YOUR POST.

Can you do that with blogger? If yes, you should. It's really the one way to get people to click on the ads otherwise they are blind to it.

Enjoyed reading a lot ... Cheers!

Kathleen said...

You can visit for more info ...

williamhessian said...

kathleen. i wanted the battle to be fair. so i made it difficult for viewers to simply click the ads and effect the score. the google ads are on my other two blogs. said...

I was couldn't even find any AdSense ads on your site, only Adbrite. Maybe that's why it's so low, they aren't prominent enough.

williamhessian said...

as i mentioned, Blog Blog Cherry has ZERO adsense ads. All my adsense advertising is done on my other two blogs Zombie Robot Frosting and my Bearded Bunny Art Blog (see my sitebar for links).

I did not want to break TOS by encouraging clicks, nor did i want the loose change vs adsense battle to be unfair. I want legitimate traffic, and legitimate clicks. This blog is meant to draw in more readers, not to draw in a number of unwarranted clicks.

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