Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living on Adsense

Living on Adsense

Earlier this week I was chatting on Blog Catalog (see link on the right sidebar) about Adsense and the lack of success many people are having recently. I ran across a guy who started Living on Adsense blog in mid-December and so far he has already made $50 with Adsense.

While his blog basically pokes fun at the people who try to make a living off of Google Adsense he is actually having some success. His blog cracks me up, with short goofy posts, sometimes about his life and sometimes about his Adsense success.

His blog is very simple and it is very uncluttered and well designed. His ad placements are also very smart, in fact they are some of the best I've seen. Not only do the ads seem to apply to the blog, they are few and far between making them very attractive for the viewer to click. The specific blogs are also a good read. I plan to watch his blog and hope for him to have big success making a living off of Adsense.

Living on Adsense

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