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Is Adbrite better than Adsense? (FINAL REPORT)

Adbrite Vs Adsense battle

Late last year I began an adveriting battle between google adsense and adbrite. I wanted to test how well each advertiser would do with brand new blogs as they emerged. Both the zombie robot frosting blog and this Blog Blog Cherry's statistics were closely followed. See the very first Adbrite Vs Adsense blog, which explained the results after 20 days.

To make these statistics as fair as I can, I am using Adsense statistics from the very beginning of my blogging experience, and matching it with Adbrite's numbers at the very start of this blog. I have finished the results after 40 days, this should give any new bloggers a good reference for deciding which product to host on their new and emerging blogs.

The reason the battle is ending at 40 days, is because at day 40 I opened my art blog which also used adsense, thus altering those statistics drastically. I no longer could make fair comparisons to Adbrite, which is still only running on Blog Blog Cherry.

Statistical Breakdown
Note: keep in mind these are stats for the literal first forty days of each blog, therefore numbers are expected to be very low. Also feel free to see my 20 day results and 10 day results

Google Adsense:
clicks: 27
twenty day earnings: $2.25

clicks: 9
twenty day earnings: $1.16

In the very start of Blog Blog Cherry I wrote a Adbrite review, which explained my hopes and untested review, like the ability to see how much each advertiser pays per click. You can literally weed through bad ads, or low paying ads, leaving only the most content specific and highest paying ads on your page. With only a little management adbrite allows for far better control and use of your advertisers. However, bad links leak into the system daily, and some very obvious ad links show, which causes very clickable links to be revealed as obvious ads. I think this issue caused Adbrite clicks to remain very very low.

Adsense on the other hand had a whole different bag of negatives. Adsense had very clickable links (although it did have more page impressions on average than my adbrite campaign) which resulted in three times as many clicks as Adbrites 40 day total. Meanwhile, Adsense still had 22 of 40 days with $0.00 earnnings. In fact, besides two very valuable days, Adsense averaged under $0.02 per day. Adsense had two days, one which earned $1.16 and another day earning $0.60 cents. The one big day for Adsense, equaled the entire Adbrite 40 day total. Overall Adsense actually average less money per 1000 impressions. Adsense $0.66 cents per 1000 page impressions and Adbrite averaged $0.77 per 1000 page impressions. Making the results a bit gray.

Mixed Feelings
My adsense numbers after the 40 days have had some improved success, but this is also due to higher page impression numbers. Adbrite is a much more consistent monster, but seems to need a lit more advertising maitenance. I am willing to say that if you are a new blogger and you have the time to manage ads multiple times a week, getting rid of low earning ads, non-related, and obvious ad links then Adbrite is the better of the two.

However, if you want some easy results which some days can surprise you while most days will dissapoint, then Adsense is the place to go. If you can muster a good deal of impressions and traffic it seems to be a very lucrative advertising method. Adbrite even with its advantages falls short for those wanting to simply spend time on blogging and not managing ads.

Adbrite Vs Adsense WINNER: Adsense

Keep in mind Adbrite is an excellent alternative and a valuable tool if used correctly, see my review and sign up for it at myAdbrite review.

Also compare my total numbers with my previous Adbrite vs Adsense posts with my
20 day results
10 day results

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Ron said...

Thanks for the review. I installed Adbrite, lets see how it works.

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